Finally, after months of planning and then more months of implementing, customCHROME: Carpathica is almost here. Going to package them nicely and post them on the downloads page as soon as I get around to it.

Previews in a previous post here


I usually don’t do contests, but for this occasion I decided to o one. So here it is:
For those of you who do not know yet what they’re about, here’s the short-short version: a set of editing presets to embody the look of Romania of my childhood (the magical place I was born many moons ago, in the bosom of the Carpathian mountains – hence Carpathica).

To celebrate the release of these, I’d like to see them in action, not just on my photos but on yours. So from the day I post them I’ll give you three weeks to submit images you edit with them, then we’ll have a public vote for which makes best use of the presets…

…and the winner gets a free individual portraits session, to spice up their facebook profile picture (providing facebook size for all images, and high resolution for 2 of the person’s choice to print!)

More details on launch date. Stay tuned!

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For best quality click the fullscreen button. Download the video here.

This is a screencast tutorial on the topic of making multi-level panoramas in Hugin. The initial edit is done in RawTherapee.

Why would you want to do a multi layer panorama?
1. The size. You get to print BIG
2. The angle. You can achieve angles you can not achieve using wide angle lenses without substantial distortion.
3. The bokeh. It is called The Brenzier Method. Read about it on Wikipedia.


This is the resulting image.

You can follow the tutorial along on your own computer using the same RAW files I used and the RawTherapee preset. To make it easier, I didn’t use any fancy film CLUT or ICC profile. Download the files HERE.

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Here is an intro to my favourite editing software, RawTherapee. Most of the upcoming screencast tutorials will be featuring it.
If you can not view the embedded video above, well it means the HTML5 standards update hasn’t hit your browser quite yet. Download the video here. The resulting image from the tutorial is this:

The original RAW file, as well as the RawTherapee preset PP3 file are also downloadable. Enjoy and come back for more!

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