It’s been a while …
Alright so it’s been a very long time, but the new web site is up and running at 98% of all of its features and I am proud to announce that Snickers From Mars Version 5.0 is out and ready to download here. This new release has the code name “Emilia” because today my dear mom is celebrating her birthday and I happen to care a lot about her and admire her, so I wanted to dedicate this milestone to her.

Among some of the most visible changes, you will notice a few more entries in the MENU above; a nice About Me page, as well as some additional galleries with new material which will be up in no time. Now that the ball is rolling, I’ll get you up to date with what’s new in the following posts; but until then, enjoy the updates!


Also, I have a new project in the works called CustomChrome; which I will introduce to you in the following days. Stay tuned.
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